The Guardian Angels English Medium School is an institution of the congregation of Society of Divine Vocations.
The right of admission of the students is reserved to the management.
Parents are requested to come to school to sign the progress card on the particular days announced.
The parents should attend the ‘Parents’ day and other meetings whenever it is convened.
Strict observation of school rules and regulations are expected from every pupil.
In this matter the co-operation of parents or guardians is expected.
Pupil will be admitted to write the examination only after clearing dues, if any, to the school.
Parents/Guardians are not allowed to go to the classroom surroundings during the school hours.
Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of homework,disobedience, and disrespect towards teachers and members of
the staff and immoral influence justify dismissal.
Playing in the classrooms or in the corridors is forbidden.
Students will be promoted to the higher class on the basis of terminal examinations.
Parents should check the diary every evening and see whether the home work assigned for the next day has been done.
Remarks made in the diary by the Principal/Teacher should be noted of and counter signed.
All parents are requested to read through our School Diary,for more information & updates.