A space to explore resources and to contrive a wider knowledge in cultural, scientific, technological and
educational milieu, the space which is consistent with the materials that support the intellectual growth, personal development, individualstudents. School has 8461 equipped with immense collections of reference books, fictions, periodicals, classics, literature, religious, philosophical books and other standard books on all relented subjects. The library is equipped with a spacious reading room. The reading room has a peaceful and calm atmosphere.


Strict silence has to observed in the library all time

No one is permitted to take a book from the library without permission of the librarian and having it daily
entered in the register.

The attention of the librarian must be drawn to the books that are found damaged.

Failure to return a book by the due date incurs a fine of Rs.5/per day for time the book is

It is highly recommended that the students take the guidance of the teachers while selecting the book